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Picture that Art pieces you buy for your home, office, or for others,  will be worth more, with time.

Each thought provoking, vibrant selection of pieces have and are being exhibited in different parts of the world. With each exhibition. Their value becomes higher and higher. Rich in symbolism; provoking laughter and tears, struggles and joys, wherever we take them, they become a conversational piece for the town. This is because enchanted, livid, the stories on canvases told through color and dream, have many historical messages. Some are revealing stories of salvation, justice, peace, or perseverance in today’s tumultuous Mediterranean landscape. Vivid and contemporary, your art piece is a fine décor reflecting the world inside of your home. each stands silent and still in stylish splendor: it can be perceived as an icon, a dec-Oration, or a humorous whim that subtly links you to that artist, and his/her lived journey. Each piece or series is as a tool for reaching deeply to bring people closer together. The conversations about contemporary visions and issues and they will educate, entertain and create memories of love in the hallways, entrances, and rooms of your home. The artists of these fine pieces are young and have many more years to blossom, yet already highly respected in the central field of art and the art market.

We feature well known artists, at a highly affordable price range, (you may evaluate their backgrounds on this site). make an investment for your home, which could be worth a considerably higher value in the future, or buy a fine arts print (replica of an original), or a gift package.

The collection of artworks are meant to complement one another and can be mixed and matched on your walls, ina way where all are centered on specific themes or stories represented through a myriad of different regions and cultures. We like to encourage a form of spatial design, that is based on theme work in your spatial settings/architecture. That is why we have built a customer service program, which enables you to buy 3 art pieces, and get the 4th free. Our very special way of providing a rich experience is with the following features: a pleasurable interactive experience in the online gallery, through powerful messages and phrases these small phrases geared to touch the person’s heart in a significant and potent way, that makes the experience all the more emotional, through a variety of moods and colors of life.

In summary, enhances the room by creating a unfied theme in your home. This also provides for great conversation, and gives the feeling of more thn just standard design. We highly recommend theme work in your spatial architecture. Can it be framed and displayed? Or a recording?


Feature: You will receive a hand written and signed note from the artist, as a collector’s item. The artist conveys an important message to you, as you will be linked to that artist by purchasing his/her precious works.

Benefit: This adds the final meticulous gift component of our package to you. It is a collectors item. If you choose to have your piece exhibited in exhibitions in the future, the letter would be a nice add on feature, which will also be of great value. The artist really cares about the person who buys his/her artwork. It can be framed and displayed.



The visual-art component of Sheikh’s project is Mitli Mitlak, the exhibit at the Miller. The title is Arabic for “like you, like me,” meaning that people have more commonalities than differences. The exhibit features the work of visual artists from the Middle East, North Africa and of Arabic descent. The contemporary works include painting, photography and drawing, all centered within the narrative framework of Right to Live. The artwork further tells the stories of refugees, displacement, war and contemporary visual culture.

The artists include Hani Alqam, Thameur Mejri, Sinan Hussein, Wael Darwish, Ahmed Nagy, Klaudja Sulaj, Lucas Paleocrassas, Abbas Yousif, Basel Uraiqat, Mohammed Al Hawajri, May Murad, Haitham Khatib and Hassan Meer. Members of the public may buy the artwork in the exhibit, and proceeds will be split between the artist and the refugee cause.


  • A rare project is in the works in our country.  Two ventures driven by one woman. Multiple elements come together under the guidance of Habibah Sheikh,
  • a three-part theatrical work titled “Right to Live” in three performances.

Museums and galleries the exhibition “Mitli, Mitlak (Like You, Like Me)”. “We hope that visitors to the museum are excited about these wonderful, vibrant pieces, and that people learn more about global interchange and refugee stories directly from the artists who have been affected by these phenomena.


The work is a music-and-stage production telling stories of struggle and joy, highlighting the richness of culture from the Arab world.


‘to entertain and educate by provoking thought, laughter and tears.’ This project reflects everything in that

The exhibition is curated by Sheikh.

Sheikh has been in the area holding workshops for the theatrical piece and organizing the many facets of the project.

She spoke of the catalyst for the play.