The Mediterranean Fire Project

The values that uplift the spirit are revealed as worthless because these values are not compatible during the concrete conflict which many are dying starving and homeless. Culture and art cannot ignore the destruction of spirit of the right to live in the cruel seas refugee camps and bombed ruins of the eastern Mediterranean regions.

The Mediterranean Fire Project is a company that brings new heartwarming meanings communion and healing after pointing out the paradoxes that camouflage genocides and atrocities. it is through the oriental qualities that we breathe and perform the poetry that is infinitely within. This poetry is our strength of will to exceed aesthetic individual and group in ability of expression.


Recent preparations are underway for a series of museum exhibitions and performances titled: Mitli Mitlak (Like You, Like Me). The exhibition unravels the abstract realities of East and West. Whether the artist is a) delineating the ancient rituals, traditions, and customs, which remain entirely present in society today or b) focusing on the architecture of war and peace, or c) Orientalism rooted in the highest colonial stakes.

The exhibition contains intersecting views of contemporary influences on both subjective and collective identity, in Arab homelands and internationally. These are esteemed to lead the artists and the public to realize that refugees are not very different from them – that we have so much in common and are part of the same. We hope that through our exhibitions, events, and workshops, we can bring people to realize the extent of what refugees around the world go through every day.

Our projects and exhibitions would not have been possible without the support of our wonderful sponsors and partners