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The Mediterranean Fire Project seeks to DO THE FOLLOWING:
1. Help provide short-term urgent and survival needs of Palestinian artists.
2. Operate a Palestinian platform

Archive, exhibit, and preserve the artists’ work and Arab civilization for history. addressing the internal needs of self and group expression of Palestinian people, uniting them with cultural institutions and world wide audiences, will help them to heal and thrive, but, also defines, educates, and preserves Arab civilization for history.

The Mediterranean Fire Project needs your support to make this goal a reality. The donations and investments raised will go directly for the option which you select

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Vulnerable Palestinians, including women survivors of violence and children suffering amputations, grief, hunger, emotional distress, have fled genocide within their country. They are no longer safe in any city, and reside in plastic tents, in the heat of climate change.

It is easy for us to think that someone will help them or that social media likes and commentaries are stopping the killing, or the governments of the world will step in to help alleviate their suffering.

We have decided that WE are the “someone else” to help do our part to provide relief for, some of the Palestinians that we know we can help: The Mediterranean Fire Project helps artists in crisis.

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